About Neil Hamilton

Why choose me?

Neil Hamilton - Sports and Remedial Massage in Exeter and ExmouthI have 20 years experience in working with complementary therapies. I have worked with people from many varied backgrounds and people of all ages. Over the years I have gained experience in working with a wide range of physical ailments.

I see every client as being unique. I draw upon my experience and knowledge to discover your needs and to devise the most suitable treatment for you.

I am qualified to a high standard within the therapy industry, both in Sports and Remedial Massage (link to sports and remedial massage page) and in Craniosacral Therapy (link to craniosacral therapy page).

I have a Massage Training Institute Level 4 Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage. This is equivalent to the national BTEC Level 5

I have a recognised Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy and am a Member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association.

I regularly update my knowledge by attending advanced training sessions and workshops.

A little more about me

My previous career was as a teacher where I spent 19 years teaching in primary schools. Towards the end of my of my teaching career I became increasingly interested in complementary therapies. 

My background in massage

My first therapy training was in holistic massage. After working with this for a while I found that I wanted to be better equipped to help people who came to me with specific physical problems. To achieve this I undertook training in Remedial Massage and in Sports Massage. I have found that the Sports and Remedial approach is very satisfying to use. I really enjoy seeing the benefits that it brings to my clients.

Most recently, to further my skills, I have completed a Diploma Course in Sports and Remedial Massage from the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork.

My background in Craniosacral Therapy

In Craniosacral Therapy the emphasis is on encouraging the client’s body to use its own ability to heal itself. I have always been very interested in this idea. I am particularly drawn to Craniosacral Therapy because although it is a holistic therapy it also requires a detailed knowledge of human anatomy.

I first trained by completing a Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy from Resonance Trainings. I have subsequently undertaken training with the Upledger Institute. I have completed their CST1, CST2 and SER1 course units.

My professional organisation is the Craniosacral Association (CSTA). I attend Continuing Professional Development training each year to meet their membership requirements. I also am professionally insured through them.

I am an active member of the Devon and Cornwall Upledger Craniosacral Therapy study group.

My work with Good Health Exmouth

I belong to Good Health Exmouth, a group of professional therapists based in Exmouth. All members are qualified to a high standard and between us we can provide a wide range of complementary therapies both for individuals and organisations.

On a personal note

Away from my work I enjoy getting out in the local countryside, exploring the natural world and meeting people. I regularly lead walks for rambling groups in parts of Devon and on Dartmoor.

For my own personal development I practice mindfulness meditation and a therapeutic technique called Focussing. I have found these have been very helpful, both for myself and in my approach to giving therapy treatments.

Contact me

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